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The Military Alumni Chapter was chartered on November 14, 1987, as part of the Norfolk State University Alumni Association (NSUAA), with twenty-two charter members. LTC Chauncey Crenshaw is credited as being the founder of the MAC. The charter members consisted of both active duty and reserve officers. The purpose of the chapter is to serve as an auxiliary arm of the NSU Professor of Military Science and Commander Naval ROTC by assisting in the preparation of cadets and midshipmen for their transition to the Profession of Arms. The MAC is committed to assisting the ROTC staff and the cadets/midshipmen in their many endeavors.

The MAC is one of the most active and involved alumni chapters of the NSUAA. It has been instrumental in ensuring ROTC cadets/midshipmen are prepared for success in college, their Officer Basic Course, and their transition from student status to commissioned officers in the military services. During the past nineteen years, the MAC has provided nearly $100,000 in funds to the NSU Foundation as scholarship donations and support for the ROTC Department; conducted numerous volunteer hours for leadership trianing and mentoring; established the NSU Military Hall of Fame; and are active participants of the school's alumni recruitment and admissions recruitment programs. As a result of the outstanding working relationship between the MAC members, NSU ROTC staff, and other NSU staff, the cadets/midshipmen are doing extremely well in school and in the ROTC Programs.

The MAC has a history of outstanding military achievements. MAC members have commanded at the Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel command levels, active duty General Officers and Colonels, and several Joint and Department of the Army staff level officers. The MAC also has Colonel (Retired) Crenshaw, a founding member, who served as a member of the NSU Board of Visitors. Additionally, the Colonel Chauncey F. Crenshaw MAC Endowed Scholarship has been established to ensure continuous support to NSU ROTC students. Particularly noteworthy is the accomplishment of Lieutenant General Michael Rochelle and Rear Admiral Evelyn Fields (Retired). They are the first NSU alums and members of the MAC promoted to flag officer rank. Former NSU President Marie V. McDemmond is a MAC member. Honorary MAC Membership has been bestowed upon General (Retired) Johnnie E. Wilson, and Lieutenant General (Retired) Joe N. Ballard.

A major milestone in 2006 was the creation of the MAC Foundation, Inc and the approval as an IRS 501c(3) organization. This will greatly enhance our fundraising efforts.

Members of the Military Alumni Chapter are proud to serve and are staunch believers in giving back to Norfolk State University. We believe in our motto "No One Can Help Us But Us" and we demonstrate our selfless service by willingly and continuously giving or ourselves to ensure Norfolk State University produces graduates who are productive and outstanding citizens and service members.

The MAC is the Chapter of Great Leaders and Achievers